Movie Monday: Tenet

We had a little family challenge this week which distracted me a bit, but I haven't forgotten to post! I once had a dream of "Movie Mondays" where I'd get to break down some of my favorite films that influence my writing. Well, maybe that'll come a little later. This week I thought I'd share … Continue reading Movie Monday: Tenet

War…And Things Like It

We'll see how long my 2020 recognition of lite blogging and a resolve to write more comes to pass. Many of the folks who follow my writing probably came from Travis Perry, Speculative Faith and the co-authored series The Speculative Fiction Writers Guide to War (the longest series in the site's history, and we do … Continue reading War…And Things Like It

Two Crowns: Book 1 of The Tale of Princess Penelope

I've always considered Princess Penelope to be a working title, but I liked the title "Two Crowns" when doing my brainstorming over the summer. I just finished compiling a bunch of my research material into Scrivener, my preferred writing software. For me, that's a great thing. It means forward momentum! I took a few minutes … Continue reading Two Crowns: Book 1 of The Tale of Princess Penelope