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For Press And Bloggers

I’m always happy to consider speaking engagements, interviews and appearances, as well as speaking to writing / book groups, book bloggers or journalists. Use of the photography on this website for promotional purposes is allowed with proper attribution.

Feel free to reach out at the email above.
I’m based in Reisterstown, Maryland but I’m always happy to connect on Skype or Hangouts for interviews.


Travis A. Chapman is an independent author, currently un-agented. Open to offers from business-minded agents/publishers/producers etc for rights discussions. And coffee or beer; pretty much always open to those discussions.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Travis,
    I enjoyed meeting you and learning a little bit about your story at True Pursuit. I’m looking forward to your book. I admire your courage and commitment to pursue this path. I wish you much success and happiness!


    • Joyce,
      My apologies for being woefully delayed in a reply! The sad news (well, I find it sad) is that you are waiting on me and me alone. I have all of the digital files for Book II to be processed and made available as paperback, but I just haven’t gotten to it! I’m hoping now that my life is situated at home for a while that I can manage it soonest. Book III is more problematic; it’s still stuck in my head. I’ve got about 50% of the 1st draft done, but have frankly prioritized my primary job for the last couple of years (that hurts to admit…not weeks or months…3 years) over that particular writing project. But the seed exists, and I fully intend on getting it done!


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