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You want to read. We want to give you stuff to read! Here’s how you can purchase works from our catalog.

Amazon (Ascent of the Fallen is live!)

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As of December 2016, I plan to publish directly via Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDP Select) for several reasons, the most significant being ease of use and exposure. There is a lock-in period that prevents me from distributing via other channels, but I intend on getting my catalog of books into other stores as they become available. If you are an up-and-coming author and follow any of the self-publishing podcasts out there (, etc.) then you understand this is a decision charged with a lot of factors.

Stay tuned for the following books in the series! (Placeholder covers are shown below)

Exiles of Heaven


Map of the Stars


Note: Links to outside distributors will take you to our author page, where you can find the entire collection of available work. Links to individual works for sale will be added as they become available.

Coverart shown here is speculative, but in the interest of providing visual reference, I thought it was nice. Exiles of Heaven and Map of the Stars designs from Canva. Map of the Stars image from Denise Krebs

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