My name is Travis Chapman, and I’m a husband, engineer, Naval officer, author, and sailor.  This website revolves around my work as an author.  In 2010 I took the first steps to structure a story idea which now bears the title of Chronicles of the Way and the Darkness.  In 2014, while on rest and recuperation leave from a deployment to Djibouti, Africa, I read the inspiring work of Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant in their self-publishing manifesto Write, Publish, Repeat.

Now I’m on the journey, along with some friends, towards publishing my first in a series of novellas.  The Chronicles of the Way and the Darkness concerns a Crusader knight, Lord Fallondon Breck of Breckshire, who returns home to find his family estates in turmoil, despair in his heart, and a sense of hopelessness across his family and friends.  In a moment of inspiration, he believes he and his knights are called to return to the Holy Land to take part in a redemptive crusade.  In reality, he will leave his family and responsibilities behind only to walk into the open arms of the Apocalypse.  Think Constantine meets Kingdom of Heaven meets Courageous.  Nicholas Cage will not play a crusader in any screen play.

My plan is to tackle at least the first few novellas in Chronicles before moving on to other topics, but I’ve got an itch to start a sailing/fantasy mash-up soon.

Other interesting insights:

1998: Graduate from high school in Cochranton, PA. Become the first resident to attend a service academy. My inner longing to do more than count cows grows.

2002: Graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy and take a commission as a submarine officer. Much like Glen Cook (The Black Company), I find the cast of characters aboard boats in future tours to be as humorous and interesting as anything.  Up till 2005 I live aboard a 28′ Cal sailboat named SeaWitch.

2009: Take a sabbatical from work to sail a different sailboat, Persephone, out and around Micronesia. Begrudgingly return to the real world.

2011: Join a Federal oversight organization concerned with nuclear safety.  Actinide series of metals becomes the coolest thing I’ve heard of. A radioactive metal named after the Norse god of thunder? What’s not to like?

2013: Spend a year in Djibouti, Africa, managing a herd of cats known as the U.S. military presence in East Africa. Quickly learn that no one likes being told to be safe. Quickly learn my boss doesn’t want to hear that no one wants to be safe. Also learn just how hot steady temperatures over 100 degrees can be. Retreating to my air conditioned shipping container/quarters I spend spare moments in on my laptop getting my story started.

2014: Read multiple books on self-publishing, and in a move of true daring, purchase a license for Scrivener, the software I use to write.

2015: Pony up $18 to license this site in addition to my sailing information hub at The Young Liveaboard.

2016: Make a hard decision to take everything I’ve written so far in Chronicles and split it into two stories and change to a first-person perspective. Immediately realize that publishing in early 2016 is impossible. Set my sights on Christmas 2016 instead.

December 2016: Hit “Publish” on Amazon and make a running bet with my friend Ken to get my third book finished before he gets his published. 11th hour motivation will surely drive me.

I’m also on LinkedIn for additional background.

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