Welcome to 2021

Image may contain: 7 people, including Travis Chapman, people smiling, people standing, text that says "HISTORI BRUGGE"

(My sister Katie and I enjoying a day in Brugge whilst on holiday back in 2018. Holidays…)

Good morning friends! I’m feeling behind on sharing with everyone who follows “Author Travis,” who is being impacted by all the things “Other Travis’ ” are busy with. 2020 was both a year of challenge, like it certainly was for everyone, but also a year of overwhelm with a career shift in the midst of all of that. Sadly my writing was something laid on the altar of sacrifice for the time being.

In the meantime, two things I’m enjoying myself and want to share with you:

Steven Pressfield’s The Warrior Archetype

This video series by legendary (I’ll use that word) author Steven Pressfield has been a great opportunity to noodle on a favorite subject: archetypes. I am a fan of The Virgin’s Promise and Iron John, both on the subject of archetypes, and think there are solid ties to how we frame the world around us, let alone structuring novels. Steve’s short videos (usually 5-7 minutes) are full of interesting thinking and a welcome relief in the week.

A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

Each week Bret posts thoughtful pieces that analyze popular culture representations of the ancient and medieval world through the lens of a historical scholar. His multi-part pieces on The Lord of the Rings are excellent, both as an information resource for writers and as a means of enjoying another aspect of the films. Each piece is generally pretty long, but that’s part of the goodness: he really dives in deep.

With a new laptop in hand, let’s hope that 2021 provides some more opportunities for me to write (at least, to write less technical content…) and to share what’s on my mind. I have a personal goal of both “more” but equally important is “more consistently” in my writing. I’m going to be honest with myself that I’m not likely to produce something publishable this year; other activities are going to take precedent and I need to be available to my family too. But, this whole writing gig is supposed to be an outlet and fun, and I know it can bear fruit!

Strength and honor – Travis

(Photo credit: Brigette Chapman)

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