Veteran’s Day 2020: Heros To all of my fellow veterans, brothers and sisters in arms, thank you for every sacrifice you've made. To the public we serve, thank you for your trust. I appreciate this evergreen post from Myke Cole and enjoying reflecting on it each year about this time. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Making Good

I was turned onto the Elliot Society this spring (thanks Brenna!) when I attended a lecture on C.S. Lewis at a local school. Their newsletter is brilliant and full of excellent art glorifying God. I found this video so beautifully made! Making Good I hope this finds you well and sustained in this season, and … Continue reading Making Good

Special Share: Prologue from The Circus Queen

Friends,I've been remiss in getting you some good Thorium website content! As we all adjust to the new normal I've been focused on finishing my U.S. Naval Academy tour well, preparing for what's next for the Chapman's, and managing our situation. I haven't gotten my work-at-home disciplines all back in place (I worked from home … Continue reading Special Share: Prologue from The Circus Queen