First Draft: Done!

Not quite as powerful as Jesus exclaiming "It is finished." But it feels that way to me. I made an executive creative decision last week. While working through scene 12, which fell a little past midway in my original draft, it hit me: this could be done pretty much now. At least, this could be a … Continue reading First Draft: Done!

Outremer: Exiles of Heaven, Chapter 2

For everyone interested, chapter 2. Feel free to leave thoughts, comments, feedback, whatever, in the blog comments below! Breckshire Keep The still form of Safy’l’s sleeping body lay atop silken sheets, the slightest touch of perspiration on her forehead. A gentle breeze touched the curtains on either side of their bed, stirring the muslin fabric … Continue reading Outremer: Exiles of Heaven, Chapter 2