Two Crowns: Book 1 of The Tale of Princess Penelope

I’ve always considered Princess Penelope to be a working title, but I liked the title “Two Crowns” when doing my brainstorming over the summer. I just finished compiling a bunch of my research material into Scrivener, my preferred writing software. For me, that’s a great thing. It means forward momentum!

I took a few minutes to clean up what I consider Revision 1 of the book blurb:

What if men were thrust into a war between the gods? Would love prevail?

A prince. A princess. An outcast warrior. A company of veteran soldiers. A twisted plot of gamesmanship between nations. And two gods vying for supremacy in the world of men.

Princess Penelope has a problem: she’s betrothed to the biggest fop of a prince in history. She knows enemies are aligning themselves against the crumbling kingdom of Gilead, and she’ll do anything to get in on that fight. Even running away from home to join the legendary lady warriors of the Halim Eldi.

Prince Vadim has a problem: he’s betrothed to a strong-willed woman who has no idea how the world works. His reputation is not the only thing in the balance, but the fate of his people as well. The nation of Sevelin is depending on alliance with Gilead and that will only come from marriage to the crown princess.

Abner Rowe, the Willow King, has a problem: he’s lied to his people and the bill is about to come due. His advisers in the Kirk of Tryon and the Tower of the Jade Maiden have warned him of an unfulfilled prophecy that threatens not only Gilead, but all the nations of Kaellen. Their ancient enemy in Birat has not forgotten the Iron Crusade. War is coming. Lady Death will follow behind. Too bad his allies are anything but, and court intrigue threatens to tear apart what foundation remains of the old Iron Alliance.

The Willow King of Gilead does the only thing he can: Prince Vadim must go and seek out Penelope and bring her back. Only a marriage will stop the machinations of court and prepare Gilead for the war to come. Vadim will need help though. The help of an exiled knight, the only man who ever appreciated Penelope’s heart: Brogan Joen, former Seneschal of Gilead and Marshall of the Armies of the Iron Alliance.

Too bad Brogan is a marginally functional alcoholic. Years of war can do that to a man.

Luckily, Brogan has friends. War friends. The kind of friends who can get things done. Things you might expect of criminals, but things they have been trained for through many years of service in Gilead’s armies. Things like finding wayward princesses, stopping political intrigues, and exploiting the power of gods to stop a world-shattering cataclysm.

Since researching the name a bit, I’ll need to find a new P name since I don’t want to tread on Savannah Guthrie’s shoes with Princess Penelope Pineapple. Ha!

Photo credit: Jason Train

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