Movie Monday: Tenet

We had a little family challenge this week which distracted me a bit, but I haven’t forgotten to post! I once had a dream of “Movie Mondays” where I’d get to break down some of my favorite films that influence my writing. Well, maybe that’ll come a little later.

This week I thought I’d share something I’m excited for. I think Christopher Nolan (and his team) are some of the best writers in the movie format right now. I continue to watch Interstellar and Inception multiple times a year; they still hold up for me. I really enjoyed his retake on the Batman series. I’ve written about Dunkirk previously.

Now we’ve got Tenet to look forward to.

Looks like another perspective on the theme of time. This is going to be good.

[Also, a little shout-out to my prospective students who are all probably Googling “Who is this Chapman guy?” It happens every semester. See you in class!]

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