Ascent of the Fallen in Pre-Order

I'm very excited that Ascent of the Fallen is not only in pre-order, but the final cover is uploaded, the last proofreading complete, and the final file submitted to Amazon. Wipes hands, high fives himself, gets on with business.... For anyone interested, the sales page on Kindle Direct Publishing is here. Many thanks, again, to Monica … Continue reading Ascent of the Fallen in Pre-Order



Sakichi Toyoda formalized the 5 Whys technique as a part of improving the manufacturing processes at Toyoda Motor Company. While I don't intend to iteratively delve into the why's behind the why's of my writing, I do want to share a few of the reasons I feel compelled to put fingers to keyboard and produce … Continue reading Why

Zorro, King Arthur, John McClain, and Crafting Combat

(This photo isn't too far from the truth: I had mock-ups of who is where in Exiles of Heaven) Ascent of the Fallen has a handful of fight scenes, and most of those were reasonably easy to visualize and write. When I got to Exiles of Heaven though, my skills were challenged. It's hard work to craft … Continue reading Zorro, King Arthur, John McClain, and Crafting Combat


Magic. For writers, a potentially controversial subject. I've been thinking hard about if, and how, to best incorporate one of my favorite fantasy elements into my books. In some cases, it's reasonable to expect there to be some form of magic (or supernatural flavor). In some, there's not. I can still remember in the 2000's … Continue reading Magic