Oh the Controversy

Auntie Leigh's Commentary on Wheel of Time Casting Unlike the rest of the developed world's nerds, I came to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series late in life. I saw the covers in my local Walden Books and Caldor, but never picked them up until well into adulthood back in 2011. But when I did … Continue reading Oh the Controversy

Two Crowns: Book 1 of The Tale of Princess Penelope

I've always considered Princess Penelope to be a working title, but I liked the title "Two Crowns" when doing my brainstorming over the summer. I just finished compiling a bunch of my research material into Scrivener, my preferred writing software. For me, that's a great thing. It means forward momentum! I took a few minutes … Continue reading Two Crowns: Book 1 of The Tale of Princess Penelope

Coming Home: Dialogue and Poetry

This past week I had the privilege of participating in a dialogue called the Coming Home Dialogues. This organization works to provide venues where veterans can use the humanities as a means of exploring their experiences. The content includes "DIALOGUES ON THE MORAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, AND SPIRITUAL IMPACTS OF WAR." The group is supported graciously by … Continue reading Coming Home: Dialogue and Poetry