Once Upon A Time….


Once upon a time, there was an orphan princess. She was a prisoner in a dark tower. After much cunning and bravery, she escaped and was rescued.
Once upon a time, there was a broken knight who defended the helpless at great cost. He stood when many fled and was changed.
Once there was a dying man, whose sacrifice broke the world.
Once there was a seed which grew into a tree, whose shadow covered all of the vale. Dark ravens spotted its branches while bright songbirds spoke hymns in an unknown tongue.
Once there was a warrior who led an invasion to rescue his people from an endless night.
Once, in a deep winter, there was merchant who found a treasure beyond all compare, hidden in a barren field ringed by the skeletons of old maples.
Once, in an old kingdom, there was a wise king who was hard as ice and a one-eyed queen who loved all.
Once, an old crone gave all she had before a prince who withheld everything, even his pity.
Once, there was a father and two sons, one of whom said “Father, you are dead to me. Give me all I am owed.”

Our story always begins with “Once.”

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