Mea culpa

Mea Culpa…. Hello dear reader! I must make an apology. Exiles of Heaven launches tomorrow without a couple of proof edits I wanted to get in. The Amazon publishing tool locks me out 72 hours ahead of launch, and that’s a hard lock. When I checked the dashboard, I saw (to my surprise), a bunch of orders.

My first reaction was very much, “Holy Moly Batman, people buy my books?” I’m still in that phase. Thank you so very much for your interest, your patronage, and your trust.

There’s nothing structurally wrong, but you aren’t getting my 100.00% best effort that you deserve. I’ll upload the new file ASAP when I get access to the publishing tool, and inform everyone as well. Please accept my apologies; you deserve better. Thank you for your support and trust as I get better with these processes.

I’ll also be getting the (correct) file up on Kobo, iTunes, Barnes and Nobles, and other sellers soonest. I can’t wait to get Map of the Stars finished out out your way as well!

– Travis

Image credit: Angela N.

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