The Girl & The Golden Mirror, Ascent of the Fallen update, and more!

I’d apologize for the delay in posting, but let’s call a spade a spade: I’m awful at consistently blogging, and I’ve been buckling down in some other areas. One of my life mantras: This or that. We’re just not built to be great multi-taskers!

First, exciting announcement #1: The Girl and the Golden Mirror is out and available! This is a free book and prequel to the Chronicles. It’s live on Kobo right now. It’s available on Amazon, but they haven’t price-matched yet. I will be emailing it to everyone on my newsletter as well! Bottom line; don’t spend your hard earned quarters on this one; I want to give it to you!

If Amazon is still showing a price, can I ask a favor? They have a radio button that asks: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You can shoot them a note with the Kobo URL showing it’s free and Amazon will eventually update it. Every “vote” counts!

My favorite comment so far from one of the beta readers: I read it straight through it was so good. I had a hard time putting it down myself, and I should be tired of it by now! I think it’s my best work yet, and I’m glad to have it out there for readers to try!

From the inset:

Prequel to Ascent of the Fallen, Book I of the Chronicles. Set almost a decade before, Lord Fallondon Breck is a young knight searching for glory and purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven. After campaigns near Jerusalem he is stationed along the pilgrim road in Syria and tasked with an important mission: find and stop an unknown killer crucifying those traveling to Antioch.

Fallondon’s company of knights are dispatched to Ghmam, a remote village in the hills near Tishreen. Before he can do anything about his errand, he must face his most challenging trial: winning over the villagers, their proud leader, his resourceful son, and his beautiful daughter. Little does Fallondon know that the spiritual forces of darkness are already set against him.

This prequel novella tells the tale of how crusader knight Lord Fallondon Breck met his love, won his spurs, and faced down evil. It’s a blend of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker-inspired spiritual warfare combined with the action and adventure of Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, and The 13th Warrior. If you enjoy Christian fantasy mixed with military-inspired action and 12th century historical fiction, you’ll love this! Join Lord Fallondon Breck and his knights as they challenge evil and seek to recover their most precious reward: their own hearts.

Exciting announcement #2: Ascent of the Fallen update! I knew I’d likely need to revisit Ascent of the Fallen at some point. My goal in publishing last December was to 1) get a product shipped, 2) learn some of the ropes of Amazon, and 3) get some exposure. I learned a lot. I try to remain true to my core mindset and strategy and not worry about tactics too much. However, I knew some things weren’t working. The cover was a fun experiment in working with an artist friend that I enjoyed greatly. Heck, I have commissioned art! However, our collective exploration resulted in 1) getting tagged together with the “pure” historical fiction genre, and 2) not fully engaging the angel/demon narrative found within. Coupled with the choice of series name and I was facing an uphill battle. I also knew there would be more books and the need for a coherent and consistent cover them.

Enter my author friend Jeff Elkins. He recommended me to his coverartist, Elizabeth Mackey. We collaborated on a theme and got cover #1 finished up. I love it. My imagination shows Fallondon and Malvyn, with the demon Baal hovering above. Great!

I also added some new content. Frankly, I kind of knew better, but wanted to get something out there. I introduce a pair of angels and a host of foes in the beginning, then we don’t really revisit any of it till the end. I know the story in my head, but I didn’t share any of it, yet. Bad Travis. So there are a few new chapters and some details woven through, as well as two bonus chapters at the end: an author perspective on the angels and demons of the Chronicles and a set of resources for further reading.

I’ll try my best to get the word out, but if you purchased an original copy, I’ve got the compiled files still. Just send me a copy of your receipt (email address in the Contact section above) and I’ll spin a file back to you. If you do nothing on your Kindle then the original may remain in place. It may auto-update to the new revision. I may try to follow Jonathan Renshaw’s model and make a separate “freemium” Amazon book with just the new stuff.

Not quite as exciting but still neat update #3: Exiles of Heaven is close. Really close. Elizabeth is working on cover #2 and #3 (Map of the Stars). The editing is nearly finished. I’ve always said Ascent of the Fallen is better when immediately followed by Exiles of Heaven. I’ll ensure there’s a sale’s run when it posts, and will let my newsletter readers know soonest! For anyone interested, I’ve posted a couple of sample chapters on this site already, so you can see the good stuff now!

Thank you for your patience as I learn the ropes here. It’s my privilege to write for an audience, and I want to give you my best effort because I know your time is valuable! Your attention is valuable! Guard it well! More come soon.

If you’d like to help, here are a few easy as pie options! I really appreciate it.

  • Follow me on Facebook & share with your friends if you’re comfortable
  • Follow me on Amazon and share my books with your friends
  • Leave a review. I’m stalled out on Ascent of the Fallen and need some love! Even an honest 3-star review would be welcome right now! Also consider a revie for The Girl and the Golden Mirror when it’s available!

Image credit: Travis Chapman (Girl & the Golden Mirror) and Elizabeth Mackey (Ascent of the Fallen)

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