One of my favorite questions to wrestle with is identity. For men, this often takes form as:

  1. Am I enough?
  2. Can I come through?

Beneath each of those questions is the foundation in our thinking of who we are. Are we self-made? Forged in fire? Or genuinely accepted in spite of anything we could do?

Chip Ingram shared a piece on this today on his blog:

I’ve enjoyed Chip’s teaching over the years, and his piece got me to thinking about the characters in the Chronicles of Outremer series (not to mention myself!) While there is a broader story going on, a plot with twists and turns, actions and consequences, the concept of identity is one I try to keep at the forefront on my thinking.

Lord Fallondon Breck thinks he’s a failed man who did not win acclaim in the crusades, has let his family down, and must redeem himself in order to redeem them.

His close mentor, Sir Baldur Blackwood, thinks he’s a diligent father and husband, seeking to protect his family as well as being there for the son of his liege, the dead Lord Walter Breck, Fallon’s father.

Each of the knights in Fallon’s company has a version of this story. A perception of who they are, and the story (hopefully) keeps us following their journey to reconcile these understandings.

Thought I would share this for anyone interested. I encourage you to think of this not only in your own life, but those around us.


On a different note, I’m working on the quarterly newsletter for Thorium Publishing and have been shirking my duties to post on my site! I’ll have a post coming out soonest with a few changes to my scheme of communication, some upcoming projects in development, release information on the Chronicles, and more! You can always follow me at my Facebook page and subscribe to the newsletter to hear more from me!

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