A Boy and His Dragon: Inspiration in Florida and the Author Mindset by Steven Pressfield


I’ve been a bad kid. Kind of. We ended up executing a slight change of plans last week that turned a family visit into more of a holiday, taking advantage of several opportunities that fell into our laps. As such, I did what every diligent writer does: take a break!

During our stay in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC, I did get to enjoy some light editing of Exiles of Heaven as I’m reading through in its 2nd draft.  I also searched for inspiration in our daily activities and the wonderful worlds created by Universal Studios and Disney’s Epcot resort. Some pictures follow showing the happy little boy at play.

I continue to press on with the beats of Map of the Stars, as well as general work catching up or planning future activities associated with Thorium. One item of interest is a series Steven Pressfield is writing on the authorship business mindset. Other author entrepreneurs have provided me excellent inspiration and guidance in this area, and Steve’s article does  a masterful job of describing the mindset.

I’ll try to do a catch-up post this week, but if nothing else, know “more come soon.”

At the Norwegian Village, Epcot St. George and the Dragon At Gringotts Happy Boy

Photo credit: Travis Chapman at Disney’s Epcot Resort and Universal Studios, Orlando, FL; header image by Canva

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