Ascent of the Fallen in Pre-Order


I’m very excited that Ascent of the Fallen is not only in pre-order, but the final cover is uploaded, the last proofreading complete, and the final file submitted to Amazon.

Wipes hands, high fives himself, gets on with business….

For anyone interested, the sales page on Kindle Direct Publishing is here.

Many thanks, again, to Monica Paredes Chambers for the artwork and Nicole Gingrich for editing. A huge thanks to Brenna St. Cyr for being my most avid beta reader and providing lots of excellent feedback!

This morning I finally took the time to reread the story with fresh eyes. I was looking for last minute catches and made more than a few tweaks, but it was nice to read the story through reader eyes and not as the author in Scrivener. I’m proud of the work, excited to continue the story in Exiles of Heaven and beyond, and just happy to be out of the gate!

I’ve got a few more action items in the hopper before December 24th, like recording a short video introduction for my Amazon page, confirming my Goodreads author profile gets started, and cleaning up my launch blog posts here, but I can say with satisfaction that 2016 is the year this author finally launched.

For those who have pre-ordered, thank you!

For those who read this in the future, welcome!

For everyone, I hope the story of Lord Fallondon Breck and his company of knights is inspiring and worthy of your attention.

Photo credit: Monica Paredes Chambers at graceartdesign



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