Exiles of Heaven: Sneak Peek

This week I've got a sneak peek at Exiles of Heaven, Book 2 in the Chronicles of Outremer series. I'm in the editing process so some of this may change in final form, but I thought it was a good segment to include. If you're a newsletter subscriber you saw this in my 1st quarter … Continue reading Exiles of Heaven: Sneak Peek

Outremer: Sources and Inspiration

Outremer. The Holy Lands. Jerusalem. Over my life, there's been a quiet call to the East. Stories derived from the age of the Crusades have always been appealing to me, for any number of reasons. I grew up with an affinity for knights and knighthood, for the ideals of chivalry and adventure, for epic battles … Continue reading Outremer: Sources and Inspiration


Magic. For writers, a potentially controversial subject. I've been thinking hard about if, and how, to best incorporate one of my favorite fantasy elements into my books. In some cases, it's reasonable to expect there to be some form of magic (or supernatural flavor). In some, there's not. I can still remember in the 2000's … Continue reading Magic

Outremer: Exiles of Heaven, Chapter 2

For everyone interested, chapter 2. Feel free to leave thoughts, comments, feedback, whatever, in the blog comments below! Breckshire Keep The still form of Safy’l’s sleeping body lay atop silken sheets, the slightest touch of perspiration on her forehead. A gentle breeze touched the curtains on either side of their bed, stirring the muslin fabric … Continue reading Outremer: Exiles of Heaven, Chapter 2